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Цветы, Flowers, Flowers, Flores, Fleurs, الزهور, 鮮花, フ ラ ワ ー ズ and in our imagination immediately develops a series of multicolored mosaics and extraordinary masterpieces created by nature. They are all so different, and I think every flower can convey the state of your soul.


I loved flowers as a child, my favorite is lilac. When I smell the lilacs I am transported to my childhood immediately. In the garden of our house and surroundings, lilac bushes grew and when they bloomed we carried armfuls of these magnificent flowers into the house. And then in these bushes, we invented our games. There was a lot of imagination and there were so many games. One of them was "the secretaries" we made a hollow in the ground and on the bottom we rested the flowers and so we created our little masterpieces. Covered with a small glass plate and in turn by the ground to hide the whole. They lasted long in this natural refrigerator. We took our friends there as an excursion. By clearing the ground used to cover the windows we could show our works of art.

And again, from my childhood, I remember cleaning at home, wondering what do they clean up? Cleaning began with the changing of flowers in the vases at home. For me and my sisters it was a concern. In this way the house was filled with flowers because we had so many vases.


As long as our garden and its surroundings flourished and sometimes even the neighbors' garden, in the house there were always lots of vases filled with Beauty.

Even in winter when the garden no longer bloomed, we managed to beautify our home with the branches of fruit trees. The branches dipped in water with sugar bloomed and intoxicated the house with the smell of spring.


Now when I feel bad or sad I buy flowers and the mood changes quickly. So give them away, even without a reason to everyone you love.

Lada Damaschin

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